everything is old there is some stuff you can like.

Game :

Software :

  • Miditip : core of ejam: spread MIDI over peers in a session (some things are there)
  • Ejam : to play music with friends through internet (draft)

Libraries :

  • BaAL : Easy to use audio library in rust based on libsndfile and portaudio. (draft)
  • Tiölved : A library to use Tiled map editor in LÖVE lua game engine. Not very generic nor documented. STI looks better but I don’t know. (old)

Things I like

  • WebAssembly : assembly for the web based on asm.js
  • Solarized : awesome set of color for dark and light themes
  • Rust : from far my prefered language, it frees allocation automatically without garbage collector. The compilation checks very lots of things.

    Rust is a systems programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread safety.


    • zero-cost abstractions
    • move semantics
    • guaranteed memory safety
    • threads without data races
    • trait-based generics
    • pattern matching
    • type inference
    • minimal runtime
    • efficient C bindings
  • WebRender : a technology developped at mozilla to render css, it is incredibly fast.

  • let's encrypt : free and automated certificate authority. it is used here.

  • markdown : markup language easily converted in html and also directly readable. this page has been write in markdown.

  • tor and then freenet : I hope I will never need them.

  • Movim : decentralized social network, based on standard XMPP, this is how email should evolve and not to centralized hub like facebook,twitter,youtube,github.

decentralization allow you to move your data from one server to one another you trust more without losing the service

  • lua && love2d : a minimalist scripting language and a great game engine that include a good physics engine

  • tiled : tile map editor

  • xfce : fast and lightweight desktop environment. But I don't use it anymore.

  • jekyll: static site generator, it renders markdown, it renders that. ¿should also mention ikiwiki?

  • digital ocean : cloud hosting,

  • linuxActionShow : podcast on gnu/linux and FOSS in general

  • incompetech : royalty free music

  • sfxr : 16-bit sound effect generator for games

  • mtPaint : painting program I use for pixel art

  • inkscape : vector graphics editor

  • syfnig : vector graphics animation editor

  • uzbl: simple, fast, lightweight browser with vim-like key binding

  • xmonad : tiling window manager, useful to manage window with keyboard

  • vim && emacs : I think the perfect combo would be emacs+evil, but I failed at learning emacs so I use vim+xmonad.