here are some current and past projects

kind of archive

Game :

  • Ruga : the current game I am on. In development but promising. (in development)
  • Ligo : top-down two player cooperative game. Playable, (playable)
  • Valdmor2 : play now on your web browser ! (playable)
  • Valdmor : mix of top-down and shoot’em up. Demo (playable)
  • Genotype : demo to test fast pace multiplayer networking tricks

Software :

  • Miditip : core of ejam: spread MIDI over peers in a session (some things are there)
  • Ejam : to play music with friends through internet (draft)

Libraries :

  • BaAL : Easy to use audio library in rust based on libsndfile and portaudio.
  • Tiölved : A library to use Tiled map editor in LÖVE lua game engine. Not very generic nor documented. STI looks better but I don’t know.